Our mission

The Trauma Studies Center of the Institut universitaire en santé mentale de Montréal aims to improve the mental health of individuals exposed to traumatic events. The Center’s mission is to improve knowledge regarding the psychological consequences stemming from such acts, the prevention of their development, and treatment options. To accomplish this, the TSC has several objectives:

To be a recognized as a leader in Quebec and Canada in scientific research on the consequences of traumatic events.

To improve the evaluation, prevention, and treatment of post traumatic stress disorder and related problems.

To raise awareness, train, and equip managers, employees, clinicians and victims to manage the psychological consequences of traumatic events.

To raise awareness among policymakers of the financial and human costs of traumatic events to society.

Our team

  • Isabelle Bernier


  • Stéphane Guay, Ph. D.

    Researcher and director

  • Steve Geoffrion, Ph. D.

    Researcher et co-director

  • Christophe Fortin, Ph. D

    Researcher, UQAM

  • David Nguyen-Tri

    Research coordinator and analyst

  • Josette Sader, M.Sc.


  • Valérie Billette, Ph. D.

    Psychologist and coordinator

  • Natalia Koszegi, M.Ps.


  • Sophie Lacerte, Ph. D.


  • Marie Maurer, Ph. D.


  • Mélissa Martin, Ph. D.


  • Suzie Bond, Ph. D


  • Marie-Pierre Leduc, M.Ps.

    Clinical evaluator and coordinator

  • Fabienne Girard-Bériault, Psy D


  • Delphine-Émilie Bourdon

    Clinical evaluator

  • Chanelle Lefebvre

    Clinical evaluator

  • Marine Tessier

    Clinical evaluator

  • Marie-Ève Leclerc

    Research assistant


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  • Vedrana Ikic, Ph. D.

    Psychologist, IUSMM

  • Dominic Beaulieu-Prévost, Ph. D.

    Researcher, UQAM

  • Ghassan El-Baalbaki, Ph. D.

    Researcher, UQAM

  • Sonia Lupien, Ph. D.

    Researcher, UdeM

  • Alain Marchand, Ph. D.

    Researcher, UdeM

  • Geneviève Belleville, Ph. D.

    Researcher, Université Laval

  • Benoit Mâsse, Ph. D

    Associate Researcher, UdeM

  • Marie-France Marin, Ph. D

    Researcher, UQAM

  • Marc Corbière, Ph. D

    Researcher, UQAM


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Job offer as a psychologist as part of a post-traumatic stress disorder treatment study

The Trauma Study Centre is part of the Montreal Mental Health University Institute. It is a multidisciplinary, clinical and teaching research environment dedicated to issues arising from traumatic events.

Our objectives are to develop knowledge regarding the evaluation, prevention and treatment of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD); to promote and disseminate knowledge related to PTSD; and to innovate to better prevent, treat, and rehabilitate people exposed to potentially traumatic events.

Summary of functions

Offer cognitive-behavioral therapy to victims of traumatic events who have developed PTSD. If you wish, you will have the opportunity to participate in conferences as an expert and contribute to the transfer of knowledge through writing articles and presentations at symposia. This is a part time / full time position. Shortlisted candidates will be invited for an interview.


  • Hold a permit from the Ordre des psychologues du Québec
  • Master the cognitive-behavioral approach
  • Speak French fluently


  • Flexible schedule
  • Specialized training offered and possibility of supervision
  • Dynamic team
  • Contribution to the advancement of knowledge on the treatment of PTSD

Isabelle Bernier

Research coordinator, Trauma Studies Center


We are a research center that holds training as a priority. You are interested in traumatic events and the issues that arise from a clinical, social or organizational point of view?

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Partners and funding agencies

Our research is made possible thanks to financial support and collaboration from numerous partners. We warmly thank: