Constance Boulé

Under Dr Steve Geoffrion's supervision

Master's student in psychoeducation with propaedeutic | Université de Montréal

Constance is a psychoeducation propaedeutic student at the University. She has been involved in the CÉT since the fall of 2022 as a research assistant. She will begin her Master’s degree in psychoeducation (thesis and internship profile) in the fall of 2023 under the supervision of Dr. Steve Geoffrion. Her research interests focus on the impact of anxiety disorders, particularly post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). That said, her dissertation project will focus on the risk and protective factors associated with PTSD symptom trajectories in firefighters. She also aims to pursue her doctoral studies in psychoeducation.


Renaud Dufour

Under Dr Steve Geoffrion's supervision

Doctoral student in psychology | Université de Montréal

Renaud is a doctoral student in psychology under the supervision of Dr. Steve Geoffrion. His research interests are in the area of sex and gender in the health and social services system. In particular, he is interested in how the sex and gender of care workers influence the effects of work adversity and chronic stress on their health and well-being. His doctoral dissertation will focus on the influence of sex and gender on occupational stress and its consequences among Quebec health care workers, including in the context of a pandemic. In recent years, he has also developed expertise in the area of animal-assisted intervention as an innovative practice in social services.


Isabelle Laguë

Under Dr Steve Geoffrion's supervision

Doctoral student in psychoeducation | Psychological first aid worker | Université de Montréal

Isabelle is a doctoral student in psychoeducation under the supervision of Dr. Steve Geoffrion. She is interested in improving supervision in the context of youth protection, in order to improve the psychological support of workers and their supervisors. Her research interests include complex trauma, attachment-based and/or trauma-informed intervention approaches, psychological health of helping professionals, and reflective practice.


Victoria Lavallée

Under Dr Steve Geoffrion's supervision

Victoria is currently a Master’s student in psycho-education at the Université de Montréal and is writing her thesis at the Centre for Trauma Studies. In this sense, her research topic is the experience of accountability among youth protection workers. More specifically, she is interested in the way they define accountability, the impact of this concept on their mental health, as well as the various strategies they use to adapt to it. More broadly, she is interested in the mental health of youth workers, particularly with respect to post-traumatic stress and burnout.


Jasmine Paquette

Under Dre Christine Genest's supervision

Master's student in nursing sciences | University of Montreal

Jasmine is a first year student in the Master of Science in Nursing program under the supervision of Dr. Christine Genest – clinical expertise component, at the University of Montreal.  She has been working for almost three years at the CHU Sainte-Justine on the mother-child unit. While working with families from various backgrounds, she developed an interest in teenage mothers. She is therefore interested in studying the effects of the perinatal experience on the mental health of adolescent mothers.