Traumatic events & PTSD

Understanding traumatic events (sometimes called trauma in everyday language) and the post-traumatic stress disorder that can result from them.

Recovering from a traumatic event

Generally, it’s possible to recover from a traumatic event with cognitive-behavioural therapy. The loved ones of a person who has gone through a traumatic event can also play an important part in their recovery by providing key support.


Apr. 26th 2019 Advice / information

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy to cure post-traumatic stress disorder

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Apr. 26th 2019 Advice / information

The consequences of post-traumatic stress disorder

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What is a traumatic event?

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Help Resources

Several resources at your disposal

There exist numerous services that can provide help to people experiencing psychological difficulties associated with exposure to a traumatic event. You will find below a list of organizations (in Quebec) that can help you:

Health professionals

Help organisations

Crisis centers and hotlines

Look at all resources