Apr. 26th 2019 Advice / information

The consequences of post-traumatic stress disorder

Exposure to a traumatic event can have repercussions in all areas of an individual’s life. In somatic terms, in addition to the physical injuries directly related to the event, there are positive correlations with the increase in cardiovascular diseases such as hypertension or risk of heart attack, as well as obesity and diabetes (Vaccarino et al. Bremner, 2016)1. Regarding interpersonal relationships, some symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder such as avoidance, negative perception of self and others, loss of interest, irritability, can seriously affect marital, family and professional relationships. of the individual (eg misunderstandings, conflicts, separations). Social isolation is often observed among these people. On a professional level, there are negative consequences on the duration and frequency of work stoppages, well-being at work or presenteeism (ie being present at work but doing something other than work, Lanctôt and Guay, 2014)2. On the economic side, work stoppages as well as mental health and general health care, are costly for the person with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (Taylor, 2017)3. Individuals affected with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder are more likely to go to general practice than those who do not have the disorder (Ferry et al., 2015)4.

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