Nov. 19th 2023 Events

Midis à savoir : Psychological trauma and associated risks

Midis à savoirs is an initiative of the CIUSSS de l’Est de l’Île de Montréal’s multidisciplinary center[...]

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Nov. 26th 2022 Events

Mental Health and Criminology : Considerations for Victims, Workers and Clients | December 8th 2022

Dr. Stéphane Guay (Director of the Centre d’Étude sur le Trauma) and Dr. Alexandre Lemyre (postdoctoral fellow at[...]

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Jan. 20th 2020 Events

35th Annual meeting of the ISTSS

Novembre 14th-16th 2019, Boston,[...]

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Apr. 26th 2019 Events

2019 Complex Trauma Symposium

June 17th and 18th, Grande Bibliothèque de Montréal[...]

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