Feb. 12th 2020 Advice / information

Factors affecting the quality of social support of a person with post-traumatic stress disorder

Research has demonstrated the importance of social support as a protective factor against post-traumatic stress disorder[...]

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Nov. 23rd 2019 Publications / books

Lancement du livre “Les troubles liés aux événements traumatiques. Guide des meilleures pratiques pour une clientèle complexe”

Editors, authors and those interested got together October 16th 2019 to celebrate the release of the book titled “Les[...]

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Apr. 25th 2019 Publications / books

Après le suicide d’un proche: Vivre le deuil et se reconstruire (English Resume)

Book for people whose loved one has taken his or her[...]

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Apr. 23rd 2019 Publications / books

À chacun son stress (English Resume)

A practical guide on the consequences of parental stress on children. Practical methods to manage[...]

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Apr. 16th 2019 Publications / books

Quand la mort est traumatique, passer du choc à la sérénité (English Version)

For people mourning the loss of a loved[...]

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Apr. 3rd 2019 Publications / books

Comment aider les victimes souffrant de stress post-traumatique, guide à l’intention des thérapeutes (English Version)

A guide for clinicians working with people affected by post-traumatic stress[...]

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Apr. 1st 2019 Publications / books

Recovering from trauma, learning to live and trust again.

Book for people recovering from a traumatic[...]

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Apr. 26th 2018 Our Journal

Our journal on trauma

Biannual journal published by the Trauma Studies[...]

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