Apr. 16th 2019 Publications / books

Quand la mort est traumatique, passer du choc à la sérénité (English Version)

For people mourning the loss of a loved[...]

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Apr. 14th 2019 Advice / information

Evaluation of post-traumatic stress disorder

Available online self-diagnosis[...]

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Apr. 10th 2019 Advice / information

The Importance of social support

The role of communication in recovery from a traumatic[...]

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Apr. 8th 2019 Advice / information

How can I help someone with post-traumatic stress disorder?

Tips to help family members of people affected by post-traumatic stress disorder to provide[...]

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Ongoing Studies

Apr. 6th 2019 Ongoing Studies

Optimization of Trauma-Based Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy for the Treatment of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Related Problems

Study aiming to compare the efficacy of two types of therapy for the treatment of post-traumatic[...]

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Apr. 6th 2019 Advice / information

Strengths of cognitive behavioural therapy

Why cognitive-behavioural therapy is considered the best practice in the treatment of post-traumatic stress[...]

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Apr. 3rd 2019 Publications / books

Comment aider les victimes souffrant de stress post-traumatique, guide à l’intention des thérapeutes (English Version)

A guide for clinicians working with people affected by post-traumatic stress[...]

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Apr. 1st 2019 Publications / books

Recovering from trauma, learning to live and trust again.

Book for people recovering from a traumatic[...]

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Ongoing Studies

Mar. 28th 2019 Ongoing Studies

The impact of emotional support dogs on anxiety among adolescents in psychotherapy taken in youth protection

Study investigating the efficacy of emotional support dogs in reducing anxiety among adolescents in youth[...]

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