Feb. 1st 2023 Podcast

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder | Podcast Selon une étude with Steve Geoffrion and Steven Bilodeau

Steve Geoffrion, co-director of the Trauma Studies Centre, was featured on the Selon une étude podcast with Steven[...]

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Jan. 28th 2023 Scientific papers

Emerging Despite the Indelible Wound: A Grounded Theory of Family Transformation Following Adolescent Suicide

Context : Family members of a person who has died by suicide are at an increased risk of experiencing depression,[...]

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Dec. 8th 2022 Advice / information

In Steve Geoffrion’s Classroom

In this interview, Steve Geoffrion, co-director of the Trauma Studies Center and associate professor in the School of[...]

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Nov. 26th 2022 Events

Mental Health and Criminology : Considerations for Victims, Workers and Clients | December 8th 2022

Dr. Stéphane Guay (Director of the Centre d’Étude sur le Trauma) and Dr. Alexandre Lemyre (postdoctoral fellow at[...]

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Nov. 11th 2022 Scientific papers

Supervisor support and emotional labor in the context of client aggression.

Because of the nature of their mandate, child protection workers (CPWs) are at risk of experiencing physical and[...]

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Oct. 29th 2022 Advice / information

Education and training for preventing and minimizing workplace aggression directed toward healthcare workers

Do education and training programs reduce aggressive behavior toward healthcare workers? What is aggressive behavior? The[...]

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Oct. 22nd 2022 Advice / information

Psychological First Aid 101 – A podcast that feels good!

In the first episode of the On prend soin de nous podcasts, Professor Steve Geoffrion and his acolytes, researcher and[...]

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Oct. 16th 2022 Scientific papers

Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis on Acute Stress Disorder: Rates Following Different Types of Traumatic Events.

Experiencing a traumatic event is very common, with lifetime self-reported exposure rates estimated at 70.4% worldwide and[...]

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Oct. 10th 2022 Testimonials

Discover our research projects related to the prevention of psychological distress at work.

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